XI Encuentro Música-Filosofía

“See the Sound, Hear the Image: A Tribute to Joan Guinjoan”
Ronda, 2014

If by definition music, as so much sound, concerns hearing and images sight, the relationship between sight and hearing is much closer than it might seem. It’s not unusual to hear of musicians who perceived sound as color and painters who, in a way, listened  to  their  paintings.  Scriabin  and  Kandinsky  would  be  examples  of  both tendencies, but there are many others. Sound and images can have a much deeper link than  the  forms  in  which  they  are  currently  combined,  that  is,  opera,  film,  and conventional audiovisual media.

It is an age-old philosophical problem to discern whether sensory perception is a result of a juxtaposition of senses acting autonomously or if each sense constitutes just one abstraction of an overall understanding. From scholastic to contemporary reflection on perception mediated by new technologies, the question resurfaces time after time, and we address it again at our conference, restricting the theme to the relationship between the perception of images and the perception of sound with an emphasis on artistic disciplines.

We will ask ourselves about the elements of sound that may eventually influence the conventional  perception  of  images  and  about  the  visual  components  that  affect listening, leaving the door open for the possibility of a holistic theory in which image and sound would be parts of a whole such that effectively, images could be listened to and sound could be seen.


Tomás Marco Divided Artistic Perception, Unified Senses
Francisco Jarauta Look at Poussin, Listen to Rameau, Read Diderot
María Cruz Novillo Chronochromophonic Pieces
Jörn Peter Hiekel New Philosophical Interpretations of Today’s Music: Controversies in the German Arena
José María Sánchez-Verdú Margins of Perception: From Archaeoacoustics to the Perspective in Auditory and Visual Space
Joan Guinjoan – A Conversation with Joan Guinjoan
Gotzon Arrizabalaga – Music and Images: A General Relationship Frederic Amat – Painted Music
Javier Echeverría – Multisensory Music
Víctor Gómez Pin Definite Perception Versus Juxtaposition of Perceptions: An Unresolved Philosophical Debate