XII Encuentro Música-Filosofía

“Difference and Repetition”
Ronda, 2015

According to some theories, it’s not music until the first contrast. However, from repetitive music to hypnotic positions and other approaches to sound from different cultures, equality and similarity in sound acquire a decisive value.

Equality, contrast, similarity, analogy, difference, and opposition are all concepts that shape the creative musical process, although philosophical concepts also emerge.

And looking back on the almost fifty years since the publication of the book Difference and Repetition by Gilles Deleuze, this conference aims to review the validity of those concepts in both philosophy and music. Moreover, the meeting point of philosophy and music is what livens up our conferences.

We want to establish questions on it and build on the possible answers to new questions that enlighten us in our perception of the state of the question.


Víctor Gómez Pin & Javier Echeverría Difference and Repetition, the Conceptual Basis of the Problem: Aristotle, Leibniz, Deleuze
José Luis Pardo The Music of Deleuze: Difference, Deterritorialization, and People
María Sánchez-Verdú Territory and Memory: Writings on Musical Eras
Benet Casablancas Domingo Unity, Variant, Process, Meaning
Wolff Causality and Repetition in Music
Francisco Jarauta From Repetition/Wiederholung and the Construction of Aesthetics from Kierkegaard to Adorno
Gotzon Arrizabalaga – The Instinct of Rhythm and Notes: Perceive Difference
Sotelo And Empty Arches in the Sky: Repetition and Causality in the Opera “El público”
Tomás Marco Different Differences