VIII Encuentro Música-Filosofía

“Musical Delight
Ronda, 2011

“Its aim is to delight.”
René Descartes, Compendium Musicae

One of the things most often said about “cultured” contemporary music is that it has renounced the aim to elicit emotional and musical delight in the listener. This would suppose  a  rupture  with  a  certain  concept  of  musical  fact  according  to  which  the attainment of (more or less sublimated) pleasurable emotion would be an essential feature of musical fact. However, is it really like this? On the one hand, it seems problematic to defend the theory that since the beginning, the main aim of music has been the search for delight. On the other hand, it is at the very least abuse to attempt to reduce contemporary musical creation to a kind of ascetic exercise in which pathos would be a minor variable. The music philosophy conference held in the city of Ronda will debate this and other related questions.



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