Victor Gómez Pin


Víctor Gómez Pin
“The concept of Music as a function of the conceptions of natural environment and human nature”

Intervention in XVI Encuentro Música-Filosofía.

Diversity of music is traduced not only in spatial terms but also temporally. Music, as every cultural phenomenon, has a history besides his own geography. But also the general concept of nature as well as the particular concept of human nature owns a history. This must have a consequence in the concept of musical act. There is not a human community without music, that´s a general agreement, but this correspondence between music and humanity has a different signification when it´s identified with our unique feature of language or with other characteristics that we share with the rest of animals.

(Barcelona, 1944)

Philosphy Professor of Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and from the Basque Country University before. Anagrama and Espasa de Ensayo award, among others. He has been professor at Venice International University (Venice). International award from the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti 2009.