V Encuentro Música-Filosofía

“Music and Speech”
Ronda, 2008

Reflections on the relationship between music and speech offer what is likely the most interesting and rich content on the phenomenon of music out of the many that have been  developed  within  the  general  framework  of  philosophic  thought.  Throughout history, philosophers and thinkers have tried to establish the scope and nature of this relationship. The goal of this year’s Music Philosophy Conference will be to clarify the current state of the question, a question that has always been more or less implicitly present at the conference every year. To accomplish this task, in addition to the usual presence  philosophers  and  musicians,  also  in  attendance  this  year  will  be  poets, craftsmen whose goal is to merge music and speech in essential unity.


Ángel Gabilondo Speaking Musically: “If You Want, I Will Tell You by Singing”
Agustín García Calvo – Musica ex
Gotzon Arrizabalaga – Insignificant Music?
Eva Laínsa In Speaking Harmony: The Sustained Word
Jacobo Cortines – Prima la musica, prima le
Ilia Galán The Common Root on the Trees of Music and Poetry Víctor Gómez Pin – Si Mallarmé…
José María Sánchez-Verdú Reflections on “Gramma (Jardines de la escritura)” Tomás Marco Text and Gesture