This conference encourages active participation from the public, becoming the fundamental piece of the dynamic.

XVI Encuentro Música-Filosofía

«Physis kai Mousike»
3th, 4th, 5th of July, 2019


Wednesday, 3th July – Salón de Grados
Lectures and debates

10.00 Tomás Marco: “Psychology of physical”

11.00 Teresa Catalán: “Time and memory”

12.15 Polo Vallejo: “At the other side of the mirror: Logic versus music and music versus logic”

13.15 Gotzon Arrizabalaga: “Natural system of music?”


Thursday, 4th July – Salón de Grados
Lectures and debates

10.00 Isabel Puente: “Piano’s languages”

11.00 Ramón Andrés: “Sound, instinct, impulse”

12.15 Mauricio Sotelo: “Turbulences, fluids and strange attractors. Physics in the music of today”

13.15 Francisco Jarauta: “Lulu: From Wedekind to Alban Berg”


Friday, 5th July – Salón de Grados
Lectures and debates

10.00  Javier Echeverría: “Techno-perceptions and techno-languages: Extended Music”

11.00 José María Sánchez-Verdú: “Music FROM the physics”

12.15 Víctor Gómez Pin: “The concept of Music as a function of the conceptions of natural environment and human nature”