VI Encuentro Música-Filosofía

“Music Across Time and Culture and It’s Invariable Traits”
Ronda 2009

The question of its universality has been an obsession for many disciplines. Thus, musicologists are not discouraged when affirming the anthropological weight of music due to the fact that some people cannot be receptive to musical manifestations, which has abusively been attributed to exclusivity. Contemporary musical reflection seeks an answer by widening the spectrum of what is considered musical and delving into its basic structures in order to find its invariable traits. The Music Philosophy Conference, therefore, attempts to sponsor similar work.


Tomás Marco Music and Culture
Carlos Cruz de Castro Reciprocation in Musical Creation Joseph Losey* The Role of Voice (special session)
Albert Sardá – Contemporary Opera: Structuralism and Emotion
Francisco Jarauta Dissolution and Metamorphosis in Music: Vienna 1900
Gotzon Arrizabalaga – Music and Sensible Perception
Eva Laínsa – Musical Activity: Universal and Invariable Traits
Jacobo Durán-Loriga – What Happened to Musical Thought? Changes in Sensible Reflection over Time
Felipe Juaristi The Sword of Miles Davis: An Approach to Jazz and Poetry
Víctor Gómez Pin – The Semblance of Sound: When Is It