II Encuentro Música-Filosofía

“Music and Sound Environmentalism”
Ronda, 2005

Probably all heads of educational institutions would accept this theory of music as a fundamental part of that which forges humanity, and yet its consequences are never applied. At least its main consequence, which is a general musical education for all of humanity, is an effective and rational presence of music in our communities, contrary to what actually occurs. In fact, the more our daily space (homes, businesses, schools, and even methods of transportation) is invaded by literal sound pollution, the more we close off our ears to listening to the music.

Everything that is the object of appreciation is not dilapidated the way music is today, largely as a consequence of its availability thanks to technology that is perhaps not always used correctly, that is, put at the service of creative and conceptual demands.

The  objective  of  this  conference  is  to  delve  into  this  question  by  calling  on  the participation   of   composers,   philosophers,   architects,   performers,   and   heads   of institutions. The primary matter will be to discern with complete acuity between a musical practice lacking in concept that makes the alienating uses of music we alluded to above possible and a second that responds to a particular concept of music, a concept that underlies not only the work of great composers of the 20th century but also that of great composers.



Tomás Marco About Music That Isn’t for the Background
Víctor Gómez Pin The City Without Groaning (Acoustic Musical Omnipresence Versus the Concept of the Polis)
Carlos Álvarez Listening Directly to Voice and Cleaning of the Ears
Leo Brouwer

lfredo Aracil – Universal Harmony: Earthly and Human Music
Albert Castanet – The Musical Integration of
Xerardo Estévez The Acoustic Visual Urban Landscape
Higini Arau

Eva Laínsa The Idea of the Sound Landscape and Its Implications in Training the Ear
Arrizabalaga Contemporary Technology and Alienating Musical Production
Gabilondo Whisper, Murmur, and Sounds