Notes on a semiology of the musical gesture and interaction


[ABSTRACT] This essay deals with the problems of the musical gesture and its relatively recent relation with the design of new interfaces for the musical performance. One of the issues that crop up from this analysis is that of the interaction between corporal gestures and its correlations on the sound level, especially when this action is mediated by technological devices, or when the gesture is absent in those works known as acousmatics, that is composed by electronic means and with no mediation of interpreters or musical writings. At this point, the text starts dealing with the musical gesture under a double meaning: as kinetic/visual interpreter and as a written print in the sound matter. Corporal gestures (with no necessary correspondence as regards sound) and gestures/prints (as features from the own sound discourse) knit together into a dialectic that marry different investigation lines from the musical semiology, composing and interpretation fields.

Complete Essay [Spanish]:

From Cuadernos del Centro de Estudios en Diseño y Comunicación [Ensayos], No 20 (2006). pp 63-71. ISSN 1668-0227

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