A technites of our age


The Greek term technée refers to both “craftsmanship” and “art” as we use these terms nowadays. Therefore technites is both the craftsman and the artist. We must specify that the craftsman side of Aristotle’s technites designates someone who knows the causes, for example the distinctive traits of the materials with which he works. We all know how Eduardo Chillida would only venture to explore materials with an outmost respect of their internal structure, density, resistance… always mindful of the spectrum of their possible forms, beginning by their metamorphic potentiality. But from his observation of matter and his fidelity to the essence of each material, Eduardo Chillida gets to extraordinary conclusions in relation to the link itself between matter and space, conclusions that make of him a sort of intuitive non-Euclidean geometry. At this he is like a physician that starting with experimentation ends up questioning the very foundations of the world in which experimentation takes place.

Abstract from Escritura e Imagen Vol. 10, Número especial (2014): 189-197. “De la exploración de la materia a la intuición topológica (Un technites de nuestro tiempo) – Víctor Gómez Pin


Complete Article [Spanish]: https://search.proquest.com/openview/72c9d7911cac4a08a435b8664989c636/1?pq-origsite=gscholar&cbl=54832

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