Links between modern humanism and philosophy of technology


This article tries to draw up the relation between the humanism inherited from 19th century and the present philosophy of technology through a comparison between the works of Martin Heidegger and Gilbert Simondon. This comparison is necessary because of the importance of both authors in terms of what they did of the philosophy of the technology; because both philosophers supposedly present antithetic positions on the relation between man and the technological phenomenon; and because they confronted some of the specific contents of the technological issue in the 20th century, such as the manipulation of nuclear power, the emergence of digital technologies, the changes in the configuration of biological phenomena (molecular biology) and the consolidation of mass media, among others. Although their fundamental writings on technology date from the fifties, the depth of their studies forces us to ask about what kind of image of man can still be vindicated in the light of these transformations, an issue that also implies questioning the conceptual alliance between modern humanism and the philosophy of technology at issue.


“Links between modern humanism and philosophy of technology: Martin Heidegger and Gilbert Simondon”

Revista iberoamericana de ciencia tecnología y sociedad vol.5 no.14
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires ene./abr. 2010

Complete article (Spanish) :

[From the conference of professor Francisco Jarauta (XV Music-Philosophy Conference) based on Lewis Mumford thinking, we share with you this article relative to Heidegger and Simondon, both with clear connections with the northamerican philosopher Mumford].


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