The Drummer Robot

The Possibility of shared art with robots. Article by Íñigo Benito Molinero (Vasque Country University) from AusArt Journal for Research in Art. 3 (2015), 2, [pp. 143-152]

Through a small performative experimentation with a little robot of mine and using noise as a recursive excuse, this essay works on the idea of the robot in its change from object to subject. Technologic artistic practices which go from generative art from the 70s to political stances on new media art propose the perfect environment to work on the very mixed context of art and robotics. A increasing social and political way. That gives artists a possibility to work on the agency, autonomy and creativity of the technological creations themselves. So they can also become political beings. This text is a brief peek on some of such ideas and works.

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Image: Arpeggio The Piano Superdroid
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