The Artisan’s Hands


Lewis Mumford has reconstructed the steps that technique has made in its various derivations when determining the complexity

of different civilizations with admirable scholarship. It is a journey in which experiences and knowledge are formed that specify those new ways of doing that decide the ways of culture themselves. Richard Sennett, so close to Mumford, described the paths so effectively covering the artisan’s hands as a personal history of the true mediator and privileged place of knowledge and practice. We could thus provide a story that focused on this material history of processes and applications that accelerated the history of different forms of knowledge. In Writing Degree Zero, Roland Barthes noted how those hands began to appear on the plates of the Encyclopédie in the most varied of locations, replacing the Baroque angels that protected the world’s skies to give way to a new way of doing, where technical knowledge came together to build the world.


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